Muskie Creel Survey Report Card

The Illini Muskies Alliance and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources are jointly sponsoring a muskie creel survey. The purpose of the survey is to gain valuable information regarding muskies caught that only you the angler can provide. Anglers catching a muskie should complete the information requested on this web form as soon as possible. When you complete the form, click the submit button.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please practice CATCH and RELEASE!


Current Illinois fishing regulations require that pure muskies harvested or kept be no less than 48", 42" or 36" in total length from selected waters. Tiger muskies kept from selected waters where they occur must be 36" in total length or longer. Anglers should refer to the current year's "Illinois Fishing Information" booklet to determine site specific length limits or contact the local DNR office for additional information. Thank you for taking the time to complete the information requested.

For scientific information download the following pdfs:
Muskie Creel Project Report 2013
Muskie Creel Project Report 1987-2010
Muskellunge in North America

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