Asian Carp


smallfishProgram Description

Through the Asian Carp Market Value Program (MVP), Illinois Department of Natural Resources offers grant funding for current Asian carp processors and product-makers to support development of new markets and sales opportunities for Asian carp products. MVP's intent is to assist the State of Illinois in meeting invasive species management goals by encouraging demand for Asian carp through business growth.

smallfishGrant Funding

Up to $8,000 per applicant is available, to be matched 20% by the applicant for business travel expenses and attendance at trade shows and conferences associated with market development and sales of Asian carp products. (For an applicant to receive the maximum $8,000, the applicant must spend $10,000 on travel and/or trade show/conference-related costs, $8,000 of which must be for eligible expenses.) This funding is provided on a reimbursement basis, once the travel and/or event has occurred. Applicants also will be required to establish quantifiable goals to be achieved with grant funds, which will be a condition of grant disbursement. Goals that most credibly will result in sale of Asian carp products will be considered best. (Goals may include such items as a signed contract of sale, letter(s) of interest, number of client contacts, products sold to a specific company met through the travel or event attendance.) A brief written summary of the travel and/or trade show also will be required as a condition of reimbursement.

smallfishEligible Applicants

Eligible applicants are currently operating, for-profit Asian carp fish processors and product makers that have sales of Asian carp products over some or all of the last year from date of application. Applicants also must have purchased Illinois-caught Asian carp over some or all of the same time period and can be located either in-state and/or out-of-state. Acceptable evidence of Illinois Asian carp purchases includes a receipt or similar document reflecting the Illinois pool name where the fish were caught.

Applicants also must have a clearly-defined plan for growth of current or new Asian carp product(s) and achievable, quantifiable goals that will result from funding. Applicants must be licensed and permitted to do business in their respective state(s), and not be in violation of Federal or state laws. Applicants may not receive funds from this program more than twice. This includes related entities with common ownership of 20% or greater. Eligible expenses for the second approval must be for separate travel and/or trade show/conferences expenses from the first approval.

smallfishEligible Expenses and Match

Business travel expenses include train, bus, car rental, taxi or other local transportation fare, ferry, ship, airfare (whether international or domestic), and lodging. Eligible expenses also cover attendance at trade shows and other conferences focused primarily on sales (as opposed to educational) opportunities. Eligible expenses include registration, booth fees, collateral materials, and displays. (Excluded are food; alcoholic beverages; gas; vehicle violation costs; vehicle repairs; first-class or equivalent airfare, train and ship fare; luxury car rental; limousine rental; and luxury lodging such as a penthouse.) Matching funds may include eligible costs listed above and ineligible costs of food and gas only. Applicants are prohibited from receiving reimbursement for the same expenses provided by another program, such as the US Department of Agriculture, Market Access Program (MAP) program.


Program funding is disbursed upon letter request and presentation of receipts for paid travel or other evidence of paid eligible expenses and match up to the amount approved. Reimbursement will not occur prior to the date of travel or event. (Receipts must be presented legibly, in organized fashion, in English, and in US dollars.) Disbursement is also contingent on evidence of achieved goals defined for each applicant through the approval process, and on submittal of the travel summary. Disbursements may take up to 60 days from request submittal.


A simple application must be filled out containing information about the business and products, quantifiable market expansion goals, and detailed proposed costs. Applicants will be required to provide evidence of purchase and sale of Illinois-caught Asian carp over some or all of the last year from date of application. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and may be submitted up to one (1) calendar year prior to the planned travel and/or an event. There is no application fee for this program.

Download the application here.

smallfishReview Process

Once submitted, the application and supporting documents will be reviewed for completeness, then eligibility, and sent the Asian Carp Steering Committee for decision. The applicant will be notified in writing of decision, and if approved, the amount and terms of reimbursement. These terms will include match requirement, goals to be achieved prior to disbursement, types of evidence needed to demonstrate paid expenses and goal achievement, and timeframe for goals and expense reimbursement. Written communication will be provided throughout the process to keep applicants informed of status.


For further program information or to request an application, please contact the staff person below, or visit

Gina Behnfeldt, VP Economic Development Services Tetra Tech
One Oxford Valley, Suite 200
Langhorne, PA 19047
Direct: 215.702.4094; Cell: 215.584.3180

Download a PDF copy of the Asian Carp Market Value Program summary here.