Rules and Regulations for Hook-and-Line State Record Award

  1. Fish must be caught legally by hook and line from Illinois waters. Fish caught by trot line, jugs, bank poles, gigs, spears, bow and arrow, nets, seines and snagging are not eligible for hook and line state record award.
  2. Fish caught from Licensed Daily Fee Fishing Area are not eligible.
  3. Total length is to be measured from the tip of the snout, with mouth closed, to the tip of the tail to the nearest 1/8 inch. Girth is measured at the greatest distance around the fish circumference.
  4. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources reserves the right to reject an entry based upon its investigation on the identification, methods used in catching, and the accuracy of measurement and weighing.
  5. Each state record award application must be accompanied by a clear, side-view photograph for each of the fish caught, preferably of the angler with the fish. The entry and photograph become property of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and photos cannot be returned.
  6. Fish entered for a state record award must be weighed on a scale certified legal for trade in front of two witnesses. Download Official Entry Form here.
  7. A fish entered for a state record fish must be kept intact until it has been certified, and when necessary, genetically confirmed by an Illinois Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Biologist.
  8. The IDNR reserves the right to reproduced, duplicate, or otherwise copy, via a body cast, any certified state record fish. Duplicate mounts will be used solely by the Department for display purposes and will acknowledge the record holder.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources requests this information as outlined under the Fish Code, Chapter 515.