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Lake Information

County: Vermilion

Acreage: 29

Average Depth: 13.48 feet

Recreational Amenities

Boat Fishing? 9.9hp

Boat Ramps? Yes

Boat Rental? No

Skiing? No

Swimming? No

Picnicking? Yes

Camping? Yes

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    Boat Ramp, Dam

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There are no zebra mussels in this lake.

Fish Stocking






Channel Catfish

Non-vulnerable 8 - 10"



Redear Sunfish

Fingerling 1 - 3"



Walleye x Sauger (Saugeye)

Fingerling 1 - 3"



Channel Catfish

Advanced Fingerling 4 - 7"



Redear Sunfish

Fingerling 1 - 3"



Walleye x Sauger (Saugeye)

Fingerling 1 - 3"


Additional information for stocking on Mingo, Lake

Fishing Outlook  ( Full PDF Report )

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Fish Status



The Bluegill population is regulated by a length limit that protects the larger Bluegill from overharvest. Only 5 Bluegill over 8 inches can be kept, but a total of 20 Bluegill can be harvested. Approximately 58% of the Bluegill collected during the most recent survey were longer than 6 inches. No Bluegill were collected over 8 inches, but 8% of the Bluegill were longer than 7 inches. The Bluegill fishery has improved under the maximum size limit, but there is plenty of room for improvement. Lake Mingo has a good Bluegill fishery. See site regulation below.



The State Hatchery System stocks channel catfish each year to maintain a quality catfish fishery. The catfish fishery in Lake Mingo commonly produces catfish from 1 to 10 pounds. With the continued efforts from the hatchery, the catfish fishery will provide anglers a great fishing opportunity. See site regulation below.



During the most recent fish survey the black crappie catch rate was 13.5 per hour and the four-survey average is 9 per hour. The crappie fishery is dominated by Black Crappie and very few White Crappie are collected during surveys. Occasional strong year classes for White Crappie are produced and provides quality fishing for a few years. See site regulation below.



During the most recent electrofishing survey, the catch rate for bass was 54.9 per hour. The average catch rate for the past six surveys is 98.2 bass per hour. Of the bass collected over 8 inches, 60% were longer than 12 inches, 42% were longer than 15 inches, and 9% were longer than 20 inches. A new bass regulation was implemented in 2015 to allow anglers to remove bass less than 15 inches and also protect the number of bass over 15 inches. The 2021 survey resulted in the second highest catch rate ever for bass over 15 inches in Lake Mingo. Lake Mingo has a good bass fishery.See site regulation below.



The number of Redear Sunfish has fluctuated over the years and may be due to the amount of aquatic vegetation in Lake Mingo. Redear Sunfish are dependent upon having adequate amounts of aquatic vegetation. Even though the Redear Sunfish numbers change, there are always 7 to 9-inch Redear Sunfish in the fishery. On average, 70.5% of the Redear Sunfish collected are larger than 7 inches. Reproduction has been low the past few years and is resulting in a decline in Redear Sunfish numbers. Redear Sunfish are stocked in an effort to increase numbers to previous levels. See site regulation below.

Location: Lake Mingo is located 8 miles north of Danville at Kennekuk County Park and is owned and operated by the Vermilion County Conservation District. . For more information about Lake Mingo and Kennekuk Cove County Park, visit the web page

Description: Lake Mingo is 170 acres and was built in 1980 and renovated in 1983. The lake has a maximum depth of 38 feet and an average depth of 13.5 feet. There is a 9.9 horsepower limit and there is one boat launch.

History and Status of the Sport Fishery: The IDNR Division of Fisheries has been active in the management of the fisheries in Lake Mingo since the lake was constructed. The lake currently receives stockings of Channel Catfish, Redear Sunfish, and Saugeye.

Additional Lake Information: There is a 9.9 horsepower limit and there is one boat launch. 2 pole and line fishing only, except bowfishing is allowed from a boat.

Site Regulations:
Largemouth Bass: 2 fish <15" and 1 fish, >15”, 3 fish daily limit
Channel Catfish: 6 fish daily limit
Muskie: 36" length limit, 1 fish daily limit
Bluegill/Redear Sunfish: 5 fish over 8”, 20 fish daily limit
Crappie: 9” length limit, 15 fish daily limit

Contact Information:
Lake Mingo and Kennekuk Cove County Park
IDNR Fisheries Biologist, Mike Garthaus

There were 1 tournaments held on this waterbody in 2022.

Species Total Fish Caught
Largemouth Bass 21

Top 5 Largemouth Bass caught on this waterbody in 2022 tournaments:

1     4.44 lbs
2     2.31 lbs
3     1.50 lbs

Top 5 Total Tournament Weight of Largemouth Bass caught on this waterbody in 2022 tournaments:

1 19.13 lbs

Multiple day tournaments are listed with * end date.

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2023 – 2024 Approved or Pending Tournaments
Start Date ID Approval Ramp Location Bank/Boat
Max Boats Species Youth? Open to Public?
April-0625075ApprovedRamp boat
16Largemouth Bass