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Lake Information

County: Perry

Acreage: 210

Recreational Amenities

Boat Fishing? yes

Boat Ramps? Yes

Boat Rental? No

Skiing? No

Swimming? No

Picnicking? No

Camping? No

There are no zebra mussels in this lake.

Fish Stocking






Channel Catfish

Advanced Fingerling 4 - 7"



Channel Catfish

Non-vulnerable 8 - 10"



Walleye x Sauger (Saugeye)

Fingerling 1 - 3"


Additional information for stocking on Du Quoin City Lake

Fishing Outlook  ( Full PDF Report )

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Fish Status


Very Good

The Bluegill fishery in Du Quoin City Lake is relatively good for a public lake. During the spring electrofishing survey, 214 Bluegill were collected, of which 23% were over 7 inches. Many Bluegills are just under 8 inches in length. Body condition appears to decrease rapidly once Bluegills reach 8 inches in length. The abundance of Gizzard Shad in the lake is likely a limiting factor for Bluegill growth. 106 Bluegills from the sample were aged using otoliths. Bluegill generally reached 7 inches at age 4 and 8 inches at age 6.



No Channel Catfish have ever been collected during electrofishing surveys at Du Quoin City Lake, although anglers have indicated that a low-density population exists. In response, IDNR began stocking Channel Catfish in 2020 as extra fish became available from the state hatchery. A total of 2000 were stocked during 2020 and an additional 6000 were stocked in 2021. Experimental mesh gill nets were used during the 2021 fall netting survey to increase the likelihood of collecting Channel Catfish. A total of 36 Channel Catfish were collected in three overnight gill net sets. The largest catfish was 3.4 lbs., while the majority in the sample were under 2 lbs. The abundance of small catfish indicates that IDNR stockings are having a positive impact and are increasing abundance as intended. Therefore, stockings will continue on an annual basis as long as extra fish are available from the state hatchery.



Du Quoin City Lake contains a crappie population consisting of both Black and White Crappie. A total of 55 crappie were collected during spring electrofishing and 80 were collected during the fall netting survey. The majority of crappie collected were between 7 and 9 inches in length, although fish up to 1.5 lbs. were observed in the sample. About 15% of crappie in the sample were over 10 inches in length.



Du Quoin City Lake contains a good bass fishery. During the 2021 spring electrofishing survey, a total of 93 Largemouth Bass were collected during 1 hour of electrofishing. 24% of fish collected were over 15 inches and 11% were over 18 inches. The largest bass collected was over 20 inches and weighed 5.3 lbs. Mean relative weight for bass in the sample was 95, indicating good body condition and growth.



The Redear fishery in Du Quoin City Lake is excellent. Of the 55 Redear collected in the 2021 spring electrofishing survey, 27% were over 10 inches in length. The largest Redear was over 11 inches long and weighed 1.1 lbs. Body condition was excellent across all size groups.

Location: DuQuoin City Lake is located in Perry County north of DuQuoin. From center of town take State Route 51 North for approximately 4 miles and turn east onto City Lake Road.

Description: This 210-acre lake has a shoreline length of 12 miles and a maximum depth of 16 feet. There is a single lane boat ramp. There are no docks, restrooms or concessions available and parking in the gravel lot is limited. Much of the shoreline is surrounded by spatterdock (yellow cow lily) which provides excellent fish habitat.

History and Status of the Sport Fishery: Historically, A fall electrofishing survey was the only tool used to evaluate the fishery. However, the sampling approach for this lake was overhauled during 2021. The electrofishing survey was moved to April and a fall netting survey (trap nets and gill nets) was implemented to collect data on species underrepresented during electrofishing surveys. In addition, aggressive catfish stocking was implemented during 2020 and 2021 to bolster the population. Two thousand Channel Catfish were stocked during 2020 and an additional 6000 were stocked in 2021. Channel catfish stockings will continue on an annual basis as long as fish are available.

Results of the 2021 surveys indicate quality fisheries continue to exist for Bluegill, crappie, and Largemouth Bass. The Redear fishery in particular is noteworthy. The lake continues to harbor an overabundant gizzard shad population and is in need of additional piscvivores. Therefore, Saugeye (Walleye x Sauger hybrids) are slated for annual stockings beginning in 2022.

Additional Lake Information: Site Regulations:
Crappie: 25 fish daily limit
Channel Catfish: 6 fish daily limit
Bluegill or Redear Sunfish: 25 fish daily limit
Largemouth Bass: 5 fish under 14" and 1 fish over 18" daily limit; 14-18" protected slot

Contact Information:
City of DuQuoin:
IDNR Fisheries Biologist, Nick Abell

There were 4 tournaments held on this waterbody in 2021.

Species Total Fish Caught
Largemouth Bass 214

Top 5 Largemouth Bass caught on this waterbody in 2022 tournaments:

1     6.78 lbs
2     6.36 lbs
3     6.19 lbs
4     5.65 lbs
5     5.25 lbs

Top 5 Total Tournament Weight of Largemouth Bass caught on this waterbody in 2022 tournaments:

1 118.63 lbs
2 109.61 lbs
3 54.23 lbs
4 44.30 lbs

Multiple day tournaments are listed with * end date.

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2022 – 2023 Approved or Pending Tournaments
Start Date ID Approval Ramp Location Bank/Boat
Max Boats Species Youth? Open to Public?
April-0823645ApprovedRamp boat
10Largemouth Bass
April-1523009ApprovedRamp boat
20Largemouth Bass