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Lake Information

County: UNION

Acreage: 5

Recreational Amenities

Boat Ramps? No

Boat Rental? No

Skiing? No

Swimming? No

There are no zebra mussels in this lake.

Fish Stocking






Channel Catfish

Non-vulnerable 8 - 10"


Additional information for stocking on GCSP - Allen Pond

Fishing Outlook  ( Full PDF Report )

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Fish Status


Very Good

During the 2021 spring survey, only 2 Bluegill were collected during 6 minutes of electrofishing. Bluegill in the sample ranged from 2 inches up to 9 inches in length. The larger Bluegill was nearly 9 inches and weighed 0.8 lbs. For a small pond, the electrofishing catch rate for Bluegill was very low at 20/hour, indicating heavy predation by Largemouth Bass. In summary, the Bluegill fishery in Allen Pond is characterized by low abundance, but excellent growth. Bluegill body condition in Allen Pond appears to be the highest among all ponds in the park. Although growth potential is very high, Bluegill abundance may need to be increased to enhance the recreational fishery.



No Channel Catfish were collected during the 2021 survey. However, the fishery for Channel Catfish is popular among anglers and is maintained by annual stockings. Anglers have been observed catching and harvesting Channel Catfish from Allen Pond.



During the 2021 spring survey, a total of 21 Largemouth Bass were collected during 6 minutes of electrofishing. The majority of bass were between 10 and 15 inches in length. The largest bass was 14.7 inches and weighed 1.2 lbs. Body condition was considered poor. In summary, Largemouth Bass are abundant in Allen Pond, but growth is relatively poor. However, the current population structure for bass is desirable, as high bass abundance helps drive a quality size structure for Bluegill and Redear, which is the primary management goal in Allen Pond.


Very Good

Similar to Bluegill, only 2 Redear were collected during the 2021 survey. Both Redear were around 10 inches in length. Redear body condition was very high as well, indicating fast growth. Therefore, the population structure is very similar to Bluegill. Recommendations for future management are consistent with those for Bluegill as well.

Location: Giant City State Park is located south of Carbondale, IL in Jackson and Union Counties.

Description: Allen Pond is a 1-acre impoundment located on the east side of Giant City State Park. The perimeter of the pond is mowed periodically to allow access to anglers.

History and Status of the Sport Fishery: The most recent electrofishing survey of Allen Pond occurred during spring of 2021. Allen Pond offers good opportunities for shore anglers to target quality-size Bluegill and Redear, in addition to Largemouth Bass and Channel Catfish. Non-vulnerable size (8-10-inch) Channel Catfish are stocked annually to maintain a fishery for them.

Additional Lake Information: Site Regulations:
All fish - 2 Pole and Line Fishing Only
Channel Catfish: 6 fish daily limit
Largemouth Bass: 15" minimum length limit
Bluegille/Redear: 15 fish daily limit

Contact Information:
Giant City State Park
IDNR Fisheries Biologist, Nick Abell