Asian Carp Business Process Analysis

Final Report and Action Plan

Illinois DNR is sharing a Business Process Analysis and Action Plan as a guide to bolster current removal activities and further reduce the spread of Asian carp in the Illinois Waterway, as well as protect native Illinois species.

Illinois DNR has used contracted commercial fishers to reduce populations in the upper Illinois Waterway significantly, with more than 6.3 million pounds of Asian carp removed to date. These fish have been used by Illinois companies, with only a few having to be disposed of in landfills. Populations at the leading edge have shown a more than 93% reduction, as compared to levels found in 2012. Data and modeling suggest that extending efforts further downstream can increase effectiveness.

Private sector and market forces can be expanded, with desirable products for domestic and international markets to help drive removal efforts downstream. Employing the private sector may require far fewer governmental dollars in the long run than many other alternatives, and leverages the ongoing success of current business activity. Overall, we have identified a goal of removing of 20–50 million pounds of Asian carp from the lower Illinois River to achieve maximum effect on established populations at strategic locations.

While this report outlines Illinois fisheries in general, it makes eight recommendations to support local and regional economies that will provide needed tax revenue to local, state, and federal governments, as well as increase overall employment in surrounding areas. The Action Plan has recommended a $32 million investment over seven years to build the fishery market, and add value through very specific actions that are reasonable and achievable. When implemented, the plan can protect the Great Lakes, Illinois rivers and lakes, and serve the nation with a replicable plan to further prevent the spread of and reduce the impacts of Asian carp.

The Final Report and Action Plan can be downloaded here.

carp report pic